Family and friends often offer gifts during many types of occasions such as anniversaries*, birthdays, and memorial services. However, you might not want them to purchase any specific items for you and instead you’d prefer they donate to a charitable organization. Choosing the DEAFNA Foundation, the charitable wing of DEAFNA, their donations would provide financial aid and assistance to members of DEAFNA, DEA, DEA Task Force Officers, and their families during times of hardship.

To view the ways your family and friends can donate, please visit the AFNA Foundation website and click DONATE. For online donations, a unique link would be created with a specific title of your choosing and you would receive email notifications of the donations. Click CONTACT US on the foundation website to inquire and obtain your link.

*AFNA member Bob Johannesen and his wife, Judy, recently asked family and friends to donate to the DEAFNA Foundation in lieu of Anniversary gifts. Thanks Bob & Judy and Happy Anniversary!

In Lieu of Gifts, Donate to the DEAFNA Foundation

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