AFNA holds an Annual National Conference that we ask our friends in the private sector for their support of this event.  Sponsorship levels consist of $5,000 (Diamond); $2,500 (Platinum); $1,000 (Gold); $500 (Silver); and $250 (Bronze). Sponsors will be recognized in our printed programs and at all meetings and forums held throughout the conference. In addition, sponsors at the Diamond and Platinum levels will be recognized on the AFNA website with their company name, logo (if applicable), website link, and a short blurb about their company. Sponsors at the Gold level will be recognized on the AFNA website with their company name, website link, and logo, while those at the Silver level will have their company name and website link posted.

Your contribution is tax deductible as an advertising expense. The AFNA website is viewed not only by AFNA members but is accessed by the public as well. We hope there is room in your advertising budget to help us this year. Your assistance and support are truly appreciated as we continue our work to support the men and women of the Drug Enforcement Administration and their worldwide fight against narcotics trafficking.

If you choose to sponsor, please complete the Sponsor Form and submit it (and if applicable your logo) to the Executive Director at .

If you have any questions or would like additional information, please contact me at, or at 239-470-4824.  Thank you for your support.


Richard K. Crawford, Chairman
AFNA National Conference Committee

W9 form is available upon request

The Association of Federal Narcotics Agents (AFNA) and The AFNA Foundation are not part of the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) or Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA). Instead they are private 501(c)(8) and 501(c)(3) fraternal and charitable organizations that develop, promote and preserve goodwill and friendship among former narcotics agents and other DEA personnel. Neither the DOJ nor the DEA approve, endorse or authorize their materials or fundraising efforts.