Submitted by David G. Wilson on August 17, 2015 – 1:18pm

Below is a list of books recently published that I think would be of interest to the membership. They are written by members of the AFFNA family and they all tell great stories. Give them a look.

“21 Deadly Mistakes” by Guy Hargreaves.
Sarah Book Publishing has just released a new Officer Survival Tactical Manual entitled “21 Deadly Mistakes” and it is now available for sale at…

“Tweeker Parade” by Philippa LeVine.
This wickedly funny non-fiction book spans the 30-year career of (retired) DEA Special Agent Philippa LeVine. She spent the bulk of her early years in a clandestine lab group chasing methamphetamine cooks and tweekers. It can be found at:…

“Inside the DEA, Operation Snowcap” by Robert Hartman
An inside look at DEA and its operations in South America. It can be found at:…

“It’s All BS Kid. Don’t Worry About It” by George Faz
This is a memoir by an AFFNA member. It can be found at:…

“FDA-DEA Blessed, So Help Me God” by Gary Gibson
Gary is an AFFNA member and this is memoir of his time with the FDA and DEA. It can be found at:

“SHIFT – The End of the War on Drugs, the Beginning of the War on Terrorism: A Drug Cop’s Four Year Romp through the White House National Security Council” by Richard Canas.
Also a memoir by an AFFNA member.
It can be found at:

“Offbeat with Oxnard’s Finest”
A book of cop humor, by former Oxnard Officer and DEA Special Agent and AFFNA member, Micheal T. Hurley It can be found at:

“Stalking The Caravan” by Terry Burke
This book covers the time when the former DEA Administrator Terry Burke worked as a DEA agent in Kabul. His book can be found at:

“Getting Started in Law Enforcement” by Gary Coffman. Gary is an AFFNA member and his book can be found at:

“Single in the CIA” by Shelly Mateer
Single in the CIA is a memoir about the author’s experience as a single female working for the extremely male-dominated National Clandestine Service of the CIA. Shelly is the daughter of AFFNA member JJ Mateer. Her book can be found at:…

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