The latest release from JEBWizard Publishing, The Flight of the Westwind by Russ Protentis. Russ takes you inside the investigations of some of the largest cocaine cartels in the world giving the reader a unique perspective of the frustrations, dangers, and politics of the war on drugs.

Don’t take our word for it. Take the word of NYT Best Selling author Howie Carr recommending this book.

Flight of the Westwind is a fascinating memoir of one of the most decorated agent’s career in federal law enforcement—from the cocaine madness of the Miami Vice-Whitey Bulger era all the way to the War on Terror. Highly Recommended”


Protentis details the redemption flight of a Decorated and Heroic Vietnam War era fighter pilot, who survives a gun battle on a landing strip in Jamaica and is convicted of drug smuggling and eventually redeems his integrity with a harrowing flight in a jet aircraft from Medellin, Colombia to New York with nearly a ton of cocaine. Protentis describes his interactions with Rogue FBI agent John Connolly, AUSA’s Robert Mueller, John Durham and US Attorney Rudy Giuliani on a journey to the largest seizure of cocaine from a private airplane in US History.

Flight of the Westwind

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